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For nutritional detox cures in complete serenity

    5-star nutritional and detox cures
    on the heights of lake Geneva

    Personalised nutritional stays to regain energy.
    Would you like to receive a personalised offer?

5-star nutritional and detox cures
on the heights of lake Geneva

Personalised nutritional stays to regain energy.
Would you like to receive a personalised offer?
Le vignoble de Lavaux, classé au patrimoine mondial de l'UNESCO

A unique place dedicated to your well-being

Health Center Clinique Lémana is located at the top of Mont-Pèlerin, in the heart of the Lavaux vineyard, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, on the heights of Vevey between Lausanne and Montreux. Committed to anti-ageing medicine for several decades, Clinique Lémana introduces nutritional medicine into its revitalisation programs. Located in the sumptuous premises of the 5-star luxury hotel Mirador Resort & Spa, experience total relaxation in an exceptional place of peace and serenity, offering one of the most beautiful panoramic views in Switzerland and Europe.
Nutrition and Detox Cures combining nutritional programmes and holistic therapies

A global rehabilitation of the body and mind

The duration of our nutritional cures varies from 3 to 9 days depending on the objective of the nutritional and health care needs, defined before the stay.

In addition to medical support from a team of experts throughout your stay, our nutritional programs are complemented by holistic and ayurvedic treatments by certified therapists.

Enjoy accommodation at the 5-star Mirador Resort & SPA hotel during all our treatments. In addition to benefiting from vast indoor and outdoor spaces for optimal relaxation between treatments, you will enjoy a dietetic-detox cuisine and juices specifically reserved for the Lémana Clinic’s patients.

A tailor-made nutrition and health programme

Personalised nutritional programs

Each person is unique and benefits from a nutritional program adapted to their needs.

Prior to the stay, a complete laboratory assessment is carried out. These analyses enable the doctor-nutritionist to validate the nutritional program and adapt the treatment to the needs of the patient guided by our multi-disciplinary team.

A balanced diet for good health

For continuous health improvement with nutrition

Nutrition is not the only cause of known diseases, but a balanced diet will considerately help to prevent and fight diseases!

Clinique Lémana offers four nutritional programs combined with holistic and Ayurvedic treatments for a guaranteed boost in vitality and energy.

All our treatments are developed and supervised by a multidisciplinary, professional and certified medical team. Our team is attentive to the needs of our curists throughout their stay and will guide you towards a healthy and diversified diet, including a personalised supplementation if necessary.

« Our Food should be our Medicine »
– Hippocrates

Our nutritional care programs



Outpatient care for continuous improvement of your health.

It is a global approach that contributes to maintaining or restoring health.

Micronutrition is based on the links between food and health by seeking to correct the physiological imbalances that precede disease. This natural approach will optimise the functions of cellular tissues and organs through the action of quality nutrients. It is particularly suitable for functional disorders.

Both preventive and curative, the overall treatment by the doctor-nutritionist is personalised with dietary advice, recommendations on adapted physical exercise, elimination of tobacco and stress management.

As our micronutrition programs are concieved for outpatient, you do not need to stay at the Clinic, which can be convenient if you are very busy with your professional activity or if you wish to discover the region.

Healthy eating and physical activity: the keys to good health

« Wellness Detox » cure

Regain vitality over 3 days!

This cure consists of a “gentle purge” allowing :

  • An elimination of toxins
  • An awareness of the need to change one’s eating habits
  • A break for yourself and your body

But above all, it is to allow you to gently move towards a healthy and rebalanced diet to regaining health and energy with harmonious physical activities supervised by specialists.

Changing eating behaviour

« Nutri-detox Plus » cure

Detoxify in depth over 4 days!

This is a more in-depth and personalised detoxifying therapeutic approach, combining Nutrition and Detoxicology. This consists of :

  • An in-depth assessment of your food intolerances
  • A rebalancing of the intestinal flora and a strengthening of the immune system
  • A guided support in changing your view of food and your eating habits

Recommended after a “Detox Wellness” stay at the Clinic, this personalised program helps you regain control of your health with an in-depth toxicological assessment and the introducing an adapted dietary change.

Herbal tea for water fasting

Support for water fasting

Guaranting a release of tension within this 9 days cure!

Medicalised therapeutic fasting, as practised by the Lémana Clinic, is a water fast which allows the daily absorption of juices, herbal teas, scented water and broths.

This ancestral practice allows the body to rest the digestive system, while boosting the cells by providing them with all the nutrients necessary for optimal functionality.

This accompaniment is practiced in a medical environment for 6 to 9 days.

Holistic therapies

Our other holistic therapies to combine with a nutrition stay for a harmonization of body and mind

Health Center Clinique Lémana complements its revitalization, anti-aging and nutritional programs with a variety of holistic treatments. Sound and Ayurvedic massages complement its therapeutic massages to achieve a state of deep relaxation.

sound therapy

Sound massage to restore order and balance to the body!

Sound therapy (or sonotherapy) uses a range of Tibetan singing bowls, crystal singing bowls and other instruments with relaxing therapeutic effects.

Sound therapy induces a state of deep relaxation and letting go, with beneficial effects on nervous system disorders including anxiety, insomnia, stress and physical tension.

Ayurvedic Abhyanga massage, with warm massage oil

The Ayurvedic Abhyanga massage for a new physical and spiritual harmony!

An ancestral massage technique practised with warm oil to achieve a state of deep relaxation. A synchronised body massage that increases blood circulation, nourishes the body’s extremities and facilitates the work of the heart.

Ayurvedic massage Chavutti-Thirumal

The Ayurvedic Chavutti-Thirumal massage (foot massage) is both invigorating and relaxing.

Chavutti-Thirumal massage is performed on the floor with the feet, usually standing on the person being massaged. The pressure massage of the feet relaxes the deep muscles. Walking with the feet helps to remove deep-seated waste.

  • Luxury accommodation for your detox in Switzerland

    For all our cures,
    luxurious accommodation
    in an exceptional region

For all our cures, luxurious accommodation in an exceptional region

The Mont-Pèlerin funicular

Apart from our outpatient treatments, all our cures allow you to stay at the Mirador Resort & SPA, a 5-star hotel overlooking Lake Geneva and the Alps. Discover the Lavaux region, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Close to the funicular above Vevey, Switzerland, on the heights of Mont-Pèlerin, the hotel offers classic and modern rooms and suites with private balcony. It is a delightful environment in a unique place where your well-being is the priority with relaxation areas to hydrate and rest. This also includes: a Givenchy spa, a fitness room, a swimming pool, a sauna-hammam…

Dr. Alfred Pfister is behind the regeneration treatment offered at the Health Center Clinique Lemana

Clinique Lémana renowned over 70 years
for its refined care

Health Center Clinique Lémana implements a certain vision of medicine, deeply holistic, initiated by Dr. Alfred Pfister.

During its long history, a large national and international clientele has stayed at Clinique Lémana in order to relieve pain and suffering while improving well-being and quality of life.

Dr. Pfister’s work has been going on for 70 years and is constantly being enriched. Today it is Baroness Denise de Loë-Pfister, Dr. Pfister’s daughter, who is at the head of this jewel of the Vaudoise Riviera.

The Clinique Lémana’s method is timeless. And while the care is constantly updated in line with medical and technological advances, the motto has remained unchanged since 1952:

« We aim less to add years to your life
but of adding quality to your years. »
– Dr Med. Alfred Pfister
  • Vue panoramique du lac Léman

Testimonials from our patients

Bonjour, mes parents, âgés respectivement de 101 et 97 ans ont fait une ou plusieurs cures dans votre établissement il y a une vingtaine d’années. Ils sont en bonne forme et me conseillent de prendre soin de ma santé (je suis âgée de 75 ans) d’autant que je prends soin d’eux car ils vivent à leur domicile.

Jacqueline V.

Ich werde immer mit einem Lächeln an meinen Aufenthalt und an Sie zurück denken… Ich habe mich zu jeder Zeit wohl gefühlt. Danke für alles…


After staying a few days in Clinique Lémana, last September 2020, I would like to Thank you and your team for your patience, professionalism, hard work, and commitment to excellent medical health care. I’m seeing great improvement in my physical and emotional stability. It has been such an amazing experience ! Thank you for that, With kind regards.

Nadia B.

Are you interested in a stay at the Clinic?

Contact us and receive a preferential and personalised offer. If you would like to know more about the nutritional and holistic care programs at Clinique Lémana, download our guide.


Health Center Clinique Lémana
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