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  • tensor threads correct sagging of the oval of the face in the same way as a facelift

    Thread lifts

Thread lifts, or “soft lifts,” correct skin laxity in a way similar to a cervicofacial lift… but without surgery.

Thread lifts for a non-surgical facelift

This technique involves placing barbed sutures under the dermis using a fine needle or a cannula. Similarly to a cervicofacial lift, this will tighten the loosened tissues, redefining the oval of the face or firming up the neck. Thread lifts also promote collagen stimulation, reducing wrinkles and restoring elasticity to the skin.

Placement of thread lifts

While placing threads is a very simple procedure, it remains a medical procedure to the face. This is why it is performed by our surgeon, who is credentialed in Plastic, Reconstructive, and Aesthetic Surgery.

  • Step 1: Preliminary medical consultation
  • Step 2: Placement session lasting 30 to 60 minutes depending on the number of threads to be placed.

The procedure is performed under light local anaesthesia at the entry and exit points of the threads. After the session, some redness may appear on the face, which will disappear on its own the next day. No social downtime is expected.

The effects are immediate and last between 12 and 18 months.

Tensor threads provide a facelift without surgery or scarring. As part of an overall approach to facial aesthetic care, they can be used in conjunction with hyaluronic acid and botox injections to treat the central and lower parts of the face. These procedures should, of course, be spaced out.

The placement of thread lifts, like all of our cosmetic medical treatments, are available exclusively for patients staying at Clinique Lémana.

Homeopathic detox injections
Tensor threads correct sagging of the oval of the face in the same way as a facelift
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Facial aesthetic medicine

Committed for several decades to anti-aging medicine, Health Center Clinique Lémana offers you a range of aesthetic treatments:

To give radiance to the face
To erase all signs of aging
To fill wrinkles or restore volume
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