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    […]I am writing as a loyal customer who has been benefiting from your exceptional Revitalization & Anti-Ageing treatments for over a decade. The results and professional service I have experienced have been truly commendable, and I have consistently recommended your services to friends.

    In the past, more than five of my friends have availed themselves of your treatments before the challenges brought about by COVID-19. This time, I am eager to return for the same rejuvenating experience and plan to bring my husband along for the treatment.[…]

    I appreciate your attention to this matter and look forward to continuing our longstanding relationship with your esteemed establishment.
    Best regards,

    Linda H.
    I also spent 3 magnificent days there… for a detox and rejuvenation cure. The setting is sumptuous, the fitness center and pool superb. The clinic staff are very professional and charming… I highly recommend…
    Dano H.
    Everything was perfect The setting is magnificent Breathtaking walks The super-friendly, highly professional manager Very, very competent medical staff Extraordinary food Very successful stay A big thank you to everyone, you have totally changed my life.
    Christiane W.
    I’ve just spent 6 exceptional days at the Clinique Lémana in Vevey. I wanted to do something positive for my health. I met very professional people who listened to my fears and worries. They were always ready to suggest solutions and were extremely kind. I had a marvellous stay and came home reenergized and full of good resolutions for the rest of my life. Back in Jura, I’ve completely changed my diet and implemented everything I learned at the Clinic. I’m living a dream, I’ve lost 5 kg and I’m waiting for spring to do a fast at this clinic. Believe me, everything is wonderful and you won’t be disappointed. Everything is just perfect.
    Christiane W.
    Tout était parfait.
    Isabelle L.
    Congratulations on the anniversary! We have very warm and pleasant memories of your clinic. Thank you for the invitation. We are also 70 years old, and due to our health condition, we can no longer fly long distances. Congratulations once again and we wish you well-being in all your affairs and in life.
    Liubov M.
    Congratulations for the 70th birthday of the Clinique. Thank you for all the good you have done around the world and to us in particular Mrs G. de Roland.
    Antonello R.

    Thank you for visiting your clinic. I feel energized and younger.

    Tatjana L.

    Thank you for a great 5 days. Thank you for your attention, procedures, diagnostics. Everything is at a high level. Hopefully, if the situation is, meet in six months.
    All the best.


    My stay with you was very pleasant. This is the result of the care and professionalism of the entire Clinique Lemana team.
    As far as I’m concerned, I won’t change a thing and will try to continue with the same rigor to maintain this level of service.
    Thank you for your pleasant stay and for the quality of your care.
    Best regards

    Germain G.

    […] My husband and I were planning to visit your clinic this year. But due to the pandemic covid19, we have to postpone our trip.We hope to be able to travel by next year.
    Wishing you and your team happy, safe and healthy.
    With best regards.

    Judy S.

    Thank you Doctor. We had originally planned to visit your center this autumn. Due to the epidemic, we cannot make the trip. We look forward to the end of the epidemic as soon as possible. Next year we will be able to travel to Switzerland and come to your medical center for treatment.


    Hello. My parents, aged 101 and 97 respectively (76 years of marriage), took one or more cures in your establishment some twenty years ago. They are in good shape and advise me to take care of my health (I’m 75), especially as I take care of them as they live at home. Could you please send me some documentation on your ‘Mieux Vieillir’ protocols. Thank you in advance. Best regards.

    Jacqueline V.
  • Switzerland
    After staying a few days in Clinique Lémana, last September 2020, I would like to Thank you and your team for your patience, professionalism, hard work, and commitment to excellent medical health care.I’m seeing great improvement in my physical and emotional stability. It has been such an amazing experience ! Thank you for that, With kind regards.
    Nadia B.
    I’m well back in Paris and would like to thank you and the whole team, including the doctor and all the nurses, who were all kind and efficient, not forgetting yourself, who really rose to the occasion.
    Thank you for the excellent service during my stay! I am very happy with the results.
  • Switzerland
    You may be sure that I will try to make that visit it as soon as possible because I always were very happy with your kind and efficient attention as well as of the results of the treatment.
    I would recommend this treatment.
    Mr … has backed and he is pleased with the treatment he had. One of my friend is also interested.

    It was thanks to Clinique Lemana that my mother regained her health, the first time in 1977, following the terrible accident she had suffered in Montreal in 1976. At the time, she was treated by Dr. Pfister himself. And again in September 2010, during her excellent stay with you under the care of Dr. K. My mother died on December 18, on the eve of her 87th birthday on December 21. In recent years she had suffered from vascular dementia, and I had personally cared for her for the last 3 years as her caregiver. I will always be grateful for the excellent care she received from the Clinic, and I know that it enabled her to live a longer, healthier life.


    I would like to thank you for a most successful medical visit at the clinique Lemana.All members of your staff have given us a most excellent experience and Dr K.’s support and care has made your clinic a second home to us.We are looking forward to our next visit.


    After our 2 treatments in 2005 and 2007, we really felt good! We hope to return as soon as possible, and thank you for your interest in the patients who come to be “pampered” in your wonderful establishment!


    Thank you for your care! We were too glad to be in dear for our heart Clinic. We thank wonderfull personal, Doctor K. We feel very well, thank! We wish you all the best!


    It’s a great pleasure to meet you, the Managing Director, and all other nurses of Clinique Lemana. We had a wonderful time staying with you and just came home in Tokyo two days ago. We are already feeling to go back to the beautiful Montreux as soon as possible. Thank you!

  • Macao

    Thanks so much for your assistant, Ms — was very pleased with all the arrangement.


    … my stay at the clinic went very well, as did my return journey, for which I thank you. My greetings to all the members of the Lemana group.


    Jenny and I thank you for your fine service. Our regards to Dr. K., nurse Patricia and others, please.


    First I would like to thank you and your team for arranging us a very useful trip in Montreux, no only for our health but very nice sightseeing also. we are all satisfied with your Therapy.


    Thank you for your email, I have a very nice experience this time with all of you at Clinique Lemana.


    Many thanks, we are back home safe and sound. Appreciated your help during our stay.


    Happy to see your email again! In the first we give the best wishes to you and all the kind staff in Lemana! since the therapy finished we do satisfied with the effect of therapy and definitely we will be back to the clinic at the end of this year or the first three months of next year. Due to my mother’s work in this year is incredible busy, I think we have to finish several pieces of critical jobs before we can meet again! Anyway, we will do our best to see you as soon as possible!


    Everything was perfect ! Thank you.


    Everything was very nice , thank you! See you next time, and best Regards!

  • United States

    I had a wonderful stay in Montreux …. and was so pleased with the care I received at Clinique Lemana. My room at the Royal Plaza set the stage and I was very relaxed and happy to be there.Patricia, my nurse, was outstanding, and such a sweet, lovely person. I was happy to meet her. Please give her my best regards.Dr. K. was terrific ! She explained everything perfectly, gave my very good advice, and I found her very caring and informative. I wish she could be my ‘forever’ doctor !I was touched by the visit of The Baroness when she visited me in my room. I found her to be so elegantly beautiful and she made me feel like I was a part of the Clinique Lemana family !All in all, I had a terrific stay at the Clinique Lemana and was very happy that it finally worked out that I could schedule my therapy at the Clinique.I really appreciate all the help you gave me arranging this stay, and how efficiently you handled the administrative part of my stay there.Please give my best regards to everyone and all best wishes for 2017 !!

  • Russia

    I sincerely thank to all clinic’s staff for attention and care of me and my son. It was nice meeting with you. I hope that the treatment I have received will be good for me.

  • Algeria

    Mr … had a high regard for your institution and especially for the quality of the care he had received during his stays at Clinique Lemana.


    Mr… has already completed the online questionnaire. It went very well on the treatment days. We are very happy. I hope to see you soon.

  • Ukraine

    Mrs… is very pleased with the services provided by your Clinique. She said that she will recommend your Clinique to her friends and hope to come back soon.

  • China
    Thanks very much for your email and information. Our clients and me are very happy to be treated in your Clinique and Royal Plaza. Hope we will see you soon.
  • Russia
    Very satisfied with the welcome and service! We will wait for the results of the therapy and follow the doctor’s recommendations!
  • Russia
    We are very satisfied with treatment in clinic. Our thanks all personal who contacted with us! Everybody is wonderful!
  • Russia
    As you ask, we ‘d like inform you about our feeling. Everything is ok. This time we felt better at once next day. A lot of energy, good mood. Thank you very much!
  • Malaysia
    Mr. … and friends already back from the exclusive treatment and services from your center one month plus from now. They felt satisfactory with your services.
  • Russia
    We are very satisfied with the reception and service! We will wait for the results of therapy and follow the doctor’s recommendations!
  • Germany
    I will always think back to my stay and to you with a smile… I felt comfortable at all times. Thank you for everything…
  • France
    I’m well back in Paris and would like to thank you and the whole team, including the doctor and all the nurses, who were all kind and efficient, not forgetting yourself, who really rose to the occasion.
  • France
    […]Thank you a thousand times over for the warmth with which you and those around you have accompanied me. I had an excellent trip to Lausanne with Larissa. From a health point of view, I already feel a small improvement: sleep a little less disturbed, more energy and less suffering. I congratulate you on the competence and efficiency with which you run this clinic. Thank you very much again.
    Ginette B.


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