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    « 70 years’ experience is dedicated to your health capital. »

Our clinic

For 70 years exclusively in Switzerland and under Swiss ownership, Health Center Clinique Lémana has been offering Revitalization and Anti-aging Programs to improve resistance to stress and burn-out, strengthen the immune system and preserve youth through a holistic treatment approach.

Based on traditional and alternative therapies, each program is designed to improve your quality of life and ensure that you are mentally and physically balanced.

Baroness Denise de Loë – Pfister
Chairman & Owner

Our mission

Internationally renowned for several decades, Clinique Lémana is located in the luxurious setting of a five-star hotel with a magnificent view of Lake Geneva and the Alps. The clinic’s primary mission is to provide you with a personalised and exclusive medical stay during which you will be the focus of all our care and attention.

Our team

We seek to continually improve our services, aiming for excellence. Our treatments are based on the values of working in a multidisciplinary way to provide comprehensive care under 24-hour supervision. 

Staff of Clinique Lémana
Our team consists of:
General Manager

General Manager

After extensive training in the health sector, Geneviève de Roland took over as Managing Director of Clinique Lémana in 2020. In keeping with the philosophy of the founder and owner, she has developed a number of complementary care programs which supplement the clinic’s Revitalization and Anti-aging Programs.


Chief Medical Officer

With 30 years of experience and a Swiss diploma in medicine, plus the postgraduate title of medical practitioner, specialist in cryo-auriculotherapy and particularly open to natural medicines, Dr. Tomasz Tadeusz Walentynowicz is the chief medical officer at Clinique Lémana.


Head Nurse

With a varied background in nursing, Virginie Python heads up a medical team of 10 nurses and is in charge of nursing care and coordination of our team of external certified therapists.

Assistant manager

Executive Assistant

After several years of experience in administrative and medical management at Clinique Lémana, Stefania Salvati assists the General Manager on the operational part as well as the head nurse in patient care.

Our medical staff is complemented by a large multidisciplinary team, including on-call replacement doctors, nutritionists, naturopaths and external specialists and therapists. This enables us to offer comprehensive, personalised care suited to the health needs of each individual, offering 24-hour medical supervision with rotation of our nursing team.

  • Blaise
  • Christophe
    Massage Therapist
  • Isilda
    Sound Therapist
  • Laura
    Massage Therapist
  • Lucian
    Massage Therapist
  • Lucie
    Nutritionist MCO
  • Magdalena
    Belly massage
  • Renchan
    Massage Therapist
  • Valérie
    Massage Therapist
  • Yannick
    Sensory Awareness

Our history

1952: Dr. med. Alfred Pfister, pioneer in the Medical Revitalization and Anti-aging Treatment, created Health Center Clinique Lémana.
Read more about Dr. med. Alfred Pfister

1985: Baroness Denise de Loë – Pfister succeeded her father. She further developed the Medical Revitalization and Anti-aging method which had already proven its effectiveness on thousands of patients.

Where to find us

After nearly 20 years in Montreux, in 2019, the Health Center Clinique Lémana moved to Le Mont-Pèlerin into the prestigious 5 * hotel Le Mirador Resort & Spa.

In the heart of the Lavaux vineyards, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the hotel is located on the heights of Vevey between Lausanne and Montreux, boasting one of the most beautiful panoramic views in Switzerland and Europe. Your stay at Clinique Lémana is an opportunity to recharge your batteries in a haven of peace and absolute serenity.

Read more about the accommodation

panoramic view of Geneva Lake

Revitalization and Anti-aging Therapies



Doctor Alfred Pfister



Health Center Clinique Lémana
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