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Other treatments associated with the Revitalization and Anti-ageing program

For our programs optimization with lasting effects, our tailor-made Revitalization and Anti-Ageing protocol includes a complete medical check-up. They can be combined with a Detox treatment as well as an energy balance by Bio-resonance and a session of  Cryo- Auriculotherapy (cold) or Acupuncture (needles).

Aesthetic Acupuncture, a natural solution against ageing, also complements our Revitalization and Anti-ageing treatment. To finish filling up with energy, therapeutic and ayurvedic body and face massages, by certified practitioners, strengthen our “well-being” treatments.

Health Center Clinique Lémana has been involved in anti-ageing medicine for several decades and is developing its revitalisation programmes further by introducing nutritional medicine, supplemented by holistic treatments using energy-based approaches as well as a new method of slowing down the ageing process with our Z100 anti-ageing therapy.


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