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« We aim not so much to add years to your life as to add quality of life to your years. »
– Dr. med. Alfred Pfister
Dr Med. Alfred Pfister


Health Center Clinique Lémana

Pioneer in Switzerland in the medical
Revitalization & Anti-aging treatment!

70 years of the Lémana clinic

Worldwide known since 1952 for its Revitalization & Anti-aging treatment and with more than half a century dedicated to your health thanks to its variety of treatments to improve resistance to stress, prevent burn-out, strengthen the immune system and slow down effects of aging, Clinique Lémana is located in the heart of the Vaudois Riviera in an idyllic and peaceful setting.

Lavaux panorama

A unique place of Revitalization
in the world

Health Center Clinique Lémana is located at Mont-Pèlerin in the premises of the prestigious 5 * Hotel Mirador Resort & Spa medical center .

In the heart of the UNESCO World Heritage Lavaux vineyards, located on the heights of Vevey between Lausanne and Montreux, the hotel Le Mirador Resort & Spa offers one of the most beautiful panoramic views of Switzerland and Europe.

Revitalization Schedule

Revitalization and Anti-aging

At the forefront of the latest technologies with a holistic approach of our programs, supervised by a multidisciplinary team that daily listens to their patients, Clinique Lémana offers a global medical care 24/24 hours in term of physical health as mental balance.

A tailor-made nutrition and health programme

Nutritional cures –
Take action on your own health.

Health Center Clinique Lémana has been active in Anti-aging medicine for several decades and is now introducing a new concept, adding nutritional medicine into its revitalisation program.

Facial aesthetic injections with stem cells

Cures and aesthetic treatments, for a rejuvenated face

From Botox® injections to facial rejuvenation treatment using stem cells, Clinique Lémana offers a range of gentle and non-invasive solutions that erase the marks of time, for the beauty of your face and your greater well-being.

Other treatments associated to the Revitalization and Anti-aging program

Medical check-up with epigenetic assessment

For our programs optimization with lasting effects, our tailor-made revitalization and anti-aging protocol includes a complete medical check-up.

Clinique Lémana introduces an epigenetic assessment into its medical check-up.

Based on the science of epigenetics, this is an innovative analysis that allows the implementation of personalized preventive actions, adapted to the sensitivity of each individual, and thus to reduce premature aging through a better lifestyle for healthy longevity.

Other treatments associated to the Revitalization and Anti-aging program

Our patients staying at the Health Center Clinique Lémana have access to a wide range of complementary care, based on ancestral therapeutic traditions as well as the latest medical advances.

Energy balance by Bioresonance or Z100 therapy are just a few of the therapeutic approaches offered by modern technology, allowing the Health Center Clinique Lémana to be at the forefront in terms of slowing down the aging process.

They complete our Revitalization and Anti-aging Treatment with the Detox treatment, a natural solution against the signs of aging. In this same perspective, our different anti-aging aesthetic medicine solutions will allow you erase signs of aging from your face. 

In this same perspective, our different anti-aging aesthetic medicine solutions will allow you erase signs of aging from your face. As a complement to classic anti-aging injections, we offer a Facial Rejuvenation Treatment using stem cells which, based on advances in regenerative medicine, will allow you to have new skin, for a rejuvenated and radiant face.

In addition to nutritional cures, therapeutic and Ayurvedic body and face massages, provided by certified practitioners, ensure a real feeling of physical and mental well-being. All our holistic therapies, by restoring the harmony of body and mind, prevent dysfunctional eating behaviors and naturally reinforce the adoption of a healthy diet.


Therapeutic and Detox massages

Therapeutic massages
A solution for wellness

Traditional Japanese face massage

Chi Nei Tsang
Deep belly massage based on traditional Chinese medicine

Foot reflexology massage and lymphatic draining
Massage of the foot reflex zones

Abdominal massage
Slimming and energizing abdominal massage

Detox cupping massage
A technique for decongesting tissues and evacuating toxins

Botox® injections erase forehead wrinkles

Facial aesthetic treatments

To slow down the skin aging process
To erase forehead wrinkles
A facelift without surgery
to give radiance to the face
To fill wrinkles or restore volumes
holistic therapy

Holistic Therapies –
For harmony of body and mind.

Vibrational sound therapy
A sound massage to restore order and balance to the body

Abhyanga massage
To regain physical and spiritual harmony

Chavutti Thirumal massage
A tonic massage performed with the feet

Hot stone massage
A gentle energetic massage that procures inner calm

For deep and lasting relaxation

A day with us

A minimum of 3-day stay at the Clinic Lémana offers you an alternation of care, activities, relaxation and sightseeing. This is an exceptional stay that belongs only to you!

  • Medical check-up


    Daily check-up, complete blood and urine tests, blood pressure, pulse, weight and blood sugar levels are checked according to the instructions left by the doctor who accompanies you throughout your stay.

  • Menu Patio Restaurant


    Discover an international cuisine with a wide range of refined, fresh and seasonal dishes.

    Enjoy a modern and contemporary restaurant nestled in a truly unique setting.

  • swimming pool of Mirador Hotel


    After the Revitalization treatment or complementary care, organize your afternoon according to your preferences: wellness massages at the SPA, fitness activities, relaxation at the swimming pool or walks and excursions.

  • Junior suite balcon of Mirador hotel


    Take in the incredible views and sip a delicious cocktail while relaxing in a comfortable armchair on panoramic terrace.

    In winter, choose from the large selection of spirits and end your evening in front of the cosy fireplace.

Testimonials from our patients

After staying a few days in Clinique Lemana, last September 2020, I would like to Thank you and your team for your patience, professionalism, hard work, and commitment to excellent medical health care. I’m seeing great improvement in my physical and emotional stability. It has been such an amazing experience! Thank you for that, With kind regards.
Nadia B.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

How to be put in touch with an advisor?

You can contact an advisor from the Contact & Access section by sending us your message or by calling us from Monday to Friday between 9.00 am and 5.00 pm on +41 (0) 21 961 38 12

What are our programs?

All our programs start with a complete medical check-up for a general health consultation.
They are personalized and defined according to the needs and pathologies of each patient over a period varying from 3- to 5-days.
Adapted to everyone’s expectations, they can be separated or associated with each other: 

  • Medical check-up & Epigenetic test (on request)
  • Revitalization and Anti-ageing Treatment
  • Detox treatment
  • Aesthetic and anti-aging facial treatments
  • Nutritional cures detox and water fasting
  • Energy Assessement by Bio-resonance
  • Z100 Anti-ageing Therapy
  • Therapeutic and ayurvedic body and face massages
  • Holistic treaments
What is Epigenetic Assessment?

It consists of a blood test to measure the biological age of the human body with an epigenetic assessment of lifestyle on DNA: consumption of tobacco, alcohol, fruit and vegetables and physical activity.
In just a few days, this revolutionary test provides personalized results while ensuring data security and anonymization. This epigenetic assessment, which can be repeated, allows long-term monitoring to track the effects of lifestyle.

What does the Revitalization and Anti-Aging Treatment consist of?

Our Revitalization and Anti-Aging treatment consists of intramuscular injections of tissue organ extracts. These substances are diluted and energized, like other homeopathic remedies. It is believed that an organ used in dilution interacts with the homologous organ to regulate its functioning.

The benefits of revitalization treatment:

  • regain vitality
  • strengthen the immune system
  • prevent burnout
  • decrease stress
  • obtain an anti-ageing effect

What does the Detox treatment consist of?

Detox treatment consists of intramuscular injections of homeopathic products containing a natural mixture that help the liver to clean.

It enhances the effects of the revitalization treatment by eliminating toxins and prolongs the immune strengthening.

What facial aesthetic treatments are offered at Clinique Lémana?

Facial aesthetic medicine covers a set of medical procedures for aesthetic purposes. It differs from cosmetic surgery by its non-invasive aspect: it does not break the skin barrier, beyond blood draws or injections.
Aesthetic injections are relatively simple and quick to perform. Their administration does not require anesthesia, the medical procedure itself lasts 30 minutes at most and no social eviction needs to be planned afterwards.
The Lémana Clinic offers the following aesthetic medicine techniques:

– stem cell injections: to slow down the skin aging process
– botulinum toxin injections: to erase forehead wrinkles
– hyaluronic acid injections: to fill wrinkles and restore volume
– plasma injections (PRP): to give radiance to the face
– insertion of absorbable tensor threads: to reshape the oval of the face without surgery

There will be a consultation with the surgeon at Clinique Lémana before each treatment.

Facial rejuvenation treatment using stem cells is not possible in cases of HIV, hepatitis and syphilis. A blood test must be carried out at your local laboratory and the results sent to the Lémana Clinic for acceptance of the treatment by our surgeon before the stay.

What does the energy assessment by Bioresonance consist of?

This technology makes it possible to measure in an extremely fine and precise manner, organ by organ and system by system, the physiological state of the individual. It consists of:
• Full body scan
• Painless and non-invasive
• investigation
• Totally harmless process
• 3D detection of organs
• Analysis of energy flows

This method helps to strengthen our energy balance and acts on many pathologies: digestive, respiratory, uro-genital, endocrine, sensory, cardiovascular, lymphatic, nervous, emotional …

What does Z100 Anti-aging Therapy involve?

This is a new, absolutely painless and non-invasive technology that is still unique in Europe.
’Metatron Z100’ is a process using acupuncture points via magnetic inductors that will not only restore cellular balance but also increase immunity and efficiency at work, regulate blood pressure and internal organ function.
But above all, the main advantage of this method is that it slows down the ageing process. In combination with ‘anti-ageing’ bio-resonance, Z100 therapy is a form of ‘alternative medicine’ approved by the health authorities in Switzerland.

What are the therapeutic massages offered?

A variety of therapeutic manipulations are currently available which will be determined, depending on your needs, during your first consultation with the chief doctor. They will be applied by approved therapists according to his instructions:

  • Therapeutic massage related to your need for recovery.
  • “Kobido” is a complex massage technique consisting of a series of synchronous gestures (smoothing, kneading, percussion, vibration, etc.), the speed and intensity of which vary according to the volumes and textures of the skin.
  • “Chi Neï Tsang” more commonly known as belly massage is a powerful energy massage technique for internal organs that works directly on visceral structures, detoxifies and strengthens them, helping to restore good overall health.
  • Plantar reflexology is a complementary gentle medicine that can help treat certain pathologies or simply ease tensions in the body, by applying pressure on specific areas of the feet and the arch of the foot in particular.
    To complete the stimulation of lymph circulation, our therapist will perform manual lymphatic draining.


What nutritional programs do you offer?

We offer four programs personalized to the needs and expectations of each individual (not covered by health insurance):

  • Micronutrition therapy is conducted on an outpatient basis and consists of consultations as often as needed depending on the severity of the problem. Micro-nutritional medicine, based on the links between food and health, seeks to correct the physiological imbalances that precede disease. It helps to prevent and combat disease.

  • Our 3-day ‘Wellness Detox’ helps you eliminate toxins and change your eating habits for overall well-being of body and mind alongside gentle physical activities.

  • Our ‘Nutri-Detox Plus’ treatment is a 4-day detox program that goes deeper into analysing environmental toxins (heavy metals, pesticides, endocrine disruptors, toxic food, etc.). The treatment combines nutrition and detoxicology with a thorough toxicological assessment and implementation of a personalized change in diet.

  • Our ‘Water Fast’ is a 6-day treatment at Clinique Lémana with, as an option, 3 days’ support for resumption of food intake. Therapeutic fasting is an ancestral practice that allows the body to rest from digestion while boosting cells by providing them all the necessary nutrients for optimal function.

Each of these programs requires a ‘dietary and functional questionnaire’ to be filled in and returned prior to the stay. Each program involves comprehensive laboratory analyses with long lead times that need to be done three (3) weeks before the stay.

What do our holistic care programs include?

As part of a holistic approach to the individual, combining mind, body, emotions and energy, we offer various holistic therapies to supplement our revitalisation and nutritional programmes. These include sound therapy, Ayurveda and other holistic treatments …

  • Sound therapy (also known as sonotherapy) is an ancient discipline that uses sound waves to promote well-being. During a sound therapy session, sounds and vibrations reach you through your whole body (skin, tissues, tendons, bones, blood, lymph, etc.) and massage you from the inside…

  • Ayurvedic treatments:

– Ayurvedic massage, sometimes called Abhyanga: This massage is based on the ancestral beliefs of traditional Indian medicine and is defined as a massage that restores physical and spiritual harmony. It can help prevent certain disorders and calm the body and mind as a whole.

– Ayurvedic Chavutti Thirumal massage (foot massage): The Chavutti Thirumal massage is practiced on the ground, with the feet, most often standing on the person being massaged. The massage with the feet is both strong and gentle, invigorating and relaxing.

  • Hot stone massage: Many cultures use hot stones to relax muscles and relieve body tension. Basalt pebbles (of volcanic origin) are used to keep the heat in. Previously heated in water between 45°C and 60°C, the pebbles are placed either directly on the skin or on a towel. Arranged along the acupuncture meridians or on the chakras, the stones help release stress. The body relaxes completely and gets rid of all muscle and joint pain.

  • Shiatsu: a massage technique of Japanese origin intended to restore balance to the body. Inspired by Chinese medicine, shiatsu considers the health of the human being as a whole: physical, psychic and mental. Vital energy is restored by pressing the thumbs on the acupuncture meridians.
What are the prices of our treatments and programs?

Our prices are established according to the personalized programs of each one.
You must get in touch with our advisor who will communicate them to you in writing only.

Is the accommodation cost included in the medical rate?

No. The hotel and catering part are separate and must be paid directly to the Mirador Resort & SPA hotel.

What is the cost of accommodation?

The rate of Prestige junior suites with balcony and panoramic view of the Lake Geneva & the Alps (breakfast included) are:

  • Single Junior Suite: CHF 415.- / day
  • Double Junior Suite: CHF 460 .- / day

These rates are valid all year for the patients of Clinique Lémana.

Does Health Center Clinique Lémana exist elsewhere in the world?

No. Clinique Lémana operates exclusively in Switzerland and has no other branch elsewhere in the world.

How to register for a stay?

You can register from the “Contact & Access” section by completing online:

What facial aesthetic treatments are offered at Clinique Lémana?

Facial aesthetic medicine encompasses a set of medical acts delivered for aesthetic purposes. It differs from cosmetic surgery in its non-invasive aspect: it does not involve any breach of the skin except for drawing blood or injecting a product.

Aesthetic injections are relatively simple and quick to perform. Their administration does not require anesthesia, the medical act itself lasts no more than 30 minutes, and no social withdrawal needs to be planned afterwards.

The Lémana Clinic offers the following aesthetic medicine techniques: injections of botulinum toxin or hyaluronic acid, absorbable tension threads, injections of plasma (PRP), and stem cell injections.

What does the stem cell facial rejuvenation treatment involve?

This involves the reinjection of autologous stem cells, that is, extracted from your own body, from a sample of adipose tissue. At the forefront of anti-aging aesthetic medicine, this treatment borrows from regenerative medicine the power to renew skin cells. In doing so, smooth skin, free of all the stigmas of age appears, without wrinkles, dark circles, or fine lines, without pigmentation spots or scars, and with the radiant complexion of youth. This avant-garde therapy with extremely natural results is the future of aesthetic medicine. To date, there is no comparable treatment that allows the skin to literally rejuvenate.


 Metatron Z-100 is a technology that uses acupuncture points via magnetic inductors, which will restore cellular balance
Massage thérapeutique corps et visage
Sound therapy
detox cupping massage
Abdominal massage
‘Belly’ massage
Akwaterra hydromassage: relaxing, therapeutic, calming, soothing and cocooning
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