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A rejuvenation retreat in the idyllic setting of Lake Geneva

Personalized holistic care stays to revitalize body and mind
PPanoramic view of Lake Geneva from Health Center Clinique Lémana

A unique location for your rejuvenation retreat

Health Center Clinique Lémana is located at the top of Mont-Pèlerin, in the heart of the Lavaux vineyard, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, on the heights of Vevey between Lausanne and Montreux.

Clinique Lémana offers its revitalization treatments in the sumptuous premises of the 5* luxury hotel of the Mirador Resort & Spa; a breathtaking place offering one of the most beautiful panoramic views in Switzerland and Europe.

Pool at the Mirador Resort & SPA

Unwind body and mind

The duration of our suggested stays varies from 3 to 5 days depending on the program. During this period, you will stay at the Mirador Resort & SPA’s 5* hotel and benefit from its spaces for optimal relaxation between our treatments.

Personalized medical treatment for optimal rejuvenation

Personalized rejuvenation retreat

Each person is unique and benefits from a personalized rejuvenation program.

Before each stay, a complete medical check-up is performed. Its results allow the head doctor to define a healing program adapted to your specific needs.

Modern, multidisciplinary approach

The Clinique Lémana offers a variety of healing treatments and retreats. The alternative medicines of yesteryear are brought up to date and improved thanks to modern medical advances.

Technology is used to analyze your overall internal functioning and thus improve your health while increasing your well-being with the appropriate treatments.

All our treatments and activities are developed and supervised by a multidisciplinary medical team.

Homeopathic injections as used in our rejuvenation therapy

Rejuvenation retreat as a revitalizing Anti-aging medicine

Our Revitalization and Anti-Aging treatment consists of intramuscular injections of tissue organ extracts. These substances are diluted and energized like other homeopathic remedies. An organ used in dilution is considered to interact with the homologous organ to regulate its function.

Our revitalization treatment allows you to:

  • strengthen the immune system
  • regain vitality
  • prevent burn-out
  • reduce stress
  • obtain an Anti-aging effect
Detox therapy

Detox therapy

For a prolonged effect of immune reinforcement, we can combine it with our detox therapy which consists of injections of homeopathic products containing a natural mixture that improves the function of the liver.

Botox® injections erase forehead wrinkles

Facial aesthetic medicine, to erase the marks of time

A range of gentle and non-invasive solutions to restore youth and radiance to your face.
Bioresonance tests how well your organs are functioning

Bioresonance: test how well your organs are functioning

This technology enables one to measure, in an extremely fine and precise manner, organ by organ and system by system, the physiological state of our guests.

Painless and non-invasive, this method helps to reinforce your energy balance and act on diverse pathologies.

Cryo-auriculotherapy needleless acupuncture

Cryo-auriculotherapy – the first acupuncture technique of its kind in Switzerland!

Needle-free and painless acupuncture to reprogram your body and organs. Effective on muscular pain, stress, sleep disorders and addictions.

Therapeutic massage

Therapeutic massage for optimal wellness and rejuvenation

Massages oriented according to your therapeutic needs. Our head doctor and therapists will direct you to the massage technique adapted to your needs: Kobido, Chi Neï Tsang or foot reflexology.

Nearly 70 years of rejuvenating, Anti-aging therapy

Alfred Pfister, doctor who developed the rejuvenation therapy at Health Center Clinique Lémana

We aim not so much to add years to your life as to add quality of life to your years.

Dr Med. Alfred Pfister

Health Center Clinique Lémana implements a certain vision of medicine, deeply holistic, initiated by Dr. Alfred Pfister.

During its long history, a large national and international clientele has stayed at Clinique Lémana in order to relieve pain and suffering while improving well-being and quality of life.

Dr. Pfister’s work has been going on for 70 years and is constantly being enriched. Today it is Baroness Denise de Loë-Pfister, Dr. Pfister’s daughter, who is at the head of this jewel of the Vaudoise Riviera.

The Clinique Lémana’s method is timeless. And while the care is constantly updated in line with medical and technological advances, the motto has remained unchanged since 1952:

Testimonials from our former patients

  • After staying a few days in Clinique Lémana, last September 2020, I would like to Thank you and your team for your patience, professionalism, hard work, and commitment to excellent medical health care. I’m seeing great improvement in my physical and emotional stability. It has been such an amazing experience ! Thank you for that, With kind regards.

    Nadia B.
  • Bonjour, mes parents, âgés respectivement de 101 et 97 ans ont fait une ou plusieurs cures dans votre établissement il y a une vingtaine d’années. Ils sont en bonne forme et me conseillent de prendre soin de ma santé (je suis âgée de 75 ans) d’autant que je prends soin d’eux car ils vivent à leur domicile.

    Jacqueline V.
  • Ich werde immer mit einem Lächeln an meinen Aufenthalt und an Sie zurück denken… Ich habe mich zu jeder Zeit wohl gefühlt. Danke für alles…


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