• Revitalization and Anti-ageing
    with Detox treatment

Health Center Clinique Lemana offers a detox treatment combined with a medical revitalization anti-ageing treatment

Why a Detox treatment?

Our detoxification treatment is based upon the principle of helping the body eliminate toxins in order to restore the internal biological balance and consequently improve health, beauty and well-being.

Every day, our cells are faced with the effects of oxidative stress, which reduces cellular functions. These oxidative elements slow down the cellular metabolism through the accumulation of oxidative waste. Such phenomena are accelerated and exacerbated when the body comes into contact with external toxic elements, such as pollution, smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, heavy metal particles, colorants and preservatives.

When our body is over-loaded with toxins, the first warning signs are:

  • General reduction in vitality
  • Chronic pains: migraines, headaches, neuralgia
  • Insomnia
  • Premature ageing of the skin
  • Headaches
  • Lack of vitality

By intramuscular injection for prolonged effects and without risk, our detoxification treatment is based on homeopathy and consists of natural ingredients with no side effects.

Upon your arrival a very complete check-up blood and urine analysis will be made.
Furthermore a consultation with the Chief Doctor will enable him to make a blueprint of the state of your health and adapt the treatment consequently.

In order to administer the treatment, the following points must be respected:

  • The patient has to stay at the Clinic
  • The Medical Revitalisation and Anti-ageing Treatment is only administered by the Chief Doctor
  • The program is under medical control during your stay

Length of treatment: 3 days
Possible arrival days: Sunday, Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday

Your stay at the Clinic will allow you to restore your stamina, energy and vitality.

Bio-resonance  and Acupuncture or Cryo Auriculotherapy may be associated with any of our other programs


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