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  • Detox Wellness Program

    Body detoxification program

    For renewed energy in your body!

Regardless of our lifestyle and diet, the accumulation of toxins and chemicals in our body and blood system is, alas, a reality. Our body naturally produces these toxins which are the waste products of the daily functioning of our cells.

What are the benefits of the Detox Wellness Program?

Full-body detoxification

The primary aim of this “soft purge” of 3, 4 or 5 days is to prepare the body for the elimination of certain toxins via the emunctories (liver, intestines, kidneys, skin and lungs) thanks to a healthy diet, in order to rebalance our organism.

Detoxifying effect of changing your eating habits

This cure will make you aware of a change in your eating habits. It can also contribute to slight weight loss due to the cleansing from your body of accumulated excesses and the resting of your digestive organs. Once detoxified, they will function more efficiently (calories will be better burned for example).

A break for yourself and your body

Thanks to the advice of a doctor-nutritionist and with the support of a nutritionist and a naturopath, you will allow yourself to be led along a gentle path towards a healthy and rebalanced diet for a boost in health and energy.

When is the right time for the Detox Wellness Program?

The right time is not solely dictated by a change of season or after festive holidays. The body reacts to the accumulation of toxins in several ways:

  • General fatigue, lack of energy
  • Insomnia, migraines
  • Depressive state
  • Stress, anguish, anxiety
  • Premature ageing of the skin, fragile and dull hair

What does this body detoxification program entail?

For overall wellness of body and mind, gentle activities (swimming, walking, yoga, meditation or sound therapy) as well as drainage and ayurvedic massages performed by certified therapists accompany the Detox Wellness Cure.

Under no circumstances should the information and advice provided be considered a substitute for a consultation or diagnosis by a doctor or health professional, the only ones able to adequately assess your state of health.

 healthy diet
abdominal massage
healthy eating and physical activity

Our additional nutritional treatments

Health Center Clinique Lémana has been involved in anti-ageing for several decades and offers various nutritional and detox cures.
For renewed energy in your body!
For renewed energy in your body!
For improved health of body and mind!

Our associated nutritional care

Reserved exclusively for our clients following a nutritional cure.
For deep detoxification (medical prescription required)

Holistic treatments

Complementary to the nutritional cure, Health Center Clinique Lémana offers its patients a selection of holistic therapies for a global harmonization of body and mind.
A sound massage to restore order and balance to the body
To regain physical and mental harmony
A tonic massage performed with the feet
A gentle energetic massage that procures inner calm
For deep and lasting relaxation


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