• Nutritional Medicine

    « Our Food should be our Medicine  » – Hippocrates

Health Center Clinique Lémana has been active in anti-ageing medicine for several decades and is now introducing a new concept, adding nutritional medicine into its revitalisation programs:


Massage thérapeutique

Micronutrition –
For a continuous improvement in quality of life!

What is nutritional medicine?

Nutritional medicine is a holistic approach that helps maintain or restore health.

Micronutrition is based on the links between diet and health. It seeks to correct the physiological imbalances that precede disease. This natural approach optimizes the functions of cell tissues and organs through the intake of quality nutrients. It is particularly suitable for functional disorders.

Complementary to traditional medicine, nutritional medicine involves meeting the micro nutritional needs of each individual through a healthy and diversified diet by adding personalized supplementation if needed.

In an approach that is both preventive and curative, the clinic’s dietitian provides personalized care with dietary advice, recommendations on suitable physical exercise, help to stop smoking and stress management.

The micronutritionist doctor carries out a nutritional assessment to detect dietary imbalances and micronutrient deficiencies in trace elements, vitamins, fatty acids, etc.

A suitable solution is then proposed, taking into account any negative environmental influences that can affect health, such as chronic stress, lack of physical activity, sleep disorders and eating disorders.

Traditional medical examinations may be recommended to check for any medical conditions.

What are the fields of application?

Everyone can benefit from this approach, including pregnant women, children, athletes and the elderly.

Nutritional medicine can assist in many areas:

  • Digestive function disorders
  • Prevention of cardiovascular diseases and metabolic syndrome
  • Fight against ageing and degenerative diseases
  • Optimisation of sports performance and recovery
  • Prevention of weight gain and support for treating overweight individuals
  • Optimisation of brain functioning in cognitive and mood disorders, etc.
    Why nutritional or functional medicine?

    Because our nutritional environment has changed since the agri-food industry came about and our body is no longer adapted to this new environment. It reacts increasingly badly and gives rise to new diseases:

    • Degenerative diseases (arthritis, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s)
    • Increase in cancers (35% are related to diet)
    • Diabetes at an increasingly young age
    • Insulin resistance
    • Autoimmune diseases (multiple sclerosis, type 1 diabetes, lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, Crohn’s disease)
    • Cardiovascular diseases
    • Functional colopathy (IBS)
    • Obesity
    • Allergies
    • Sleeping disorders
    • Depression, etc.

    All of these disorders can be – or are – related to a poor diet of highly-processed, overly sweet, devitalized and overcooked foods alongside a lack of exercise or excessive stress.

    What can nutritional medicine provide?

    Nutritional medicine helps to alleviate or even treat existing diseases, but above all it has a preventive role.

    Whether you are sick or in good health, micronutrition improves quality of life at any age because it contributes to:

    • Restoring energy, reducing fatigue and improving stress management
    • Maintaining intellectual functions
    • Promoting better sleep and good mood
    • Helping you feel fully revitalised
    • Preserving your vital organs
    • Maintaining muscle mass and good balance
    • Working on the external signs of ageing
    • Preserving a fulfilling sex life
      What does the clinic’s micronutrition treatment involve?

      Treatment takes place on an outpatient basis, by appointment on Wednesday mornings at Clinique Lémana.
      A follow-up schedule is arranged with the doctor depending on the severity of the issues to be addressed.

        Nutrition is not the only cause of known diseases, but a balanced diet will significantly help in preventing and fighting illness!


        Massage thérapeutique

        « Wellness Detox » –
        Give your body new energy!

        Depending on the way we live and eat, our bodies become ‘clogged’. Our bodies naturally produce toxins that are waste products from the daily functioning of our cells or our absorption processes.

        What is the « Wellness Detox » and its benefits?

        This treatment helps to:

        • Eliminate toxins:

        The primary objective of this 3-day ‘gentle purge’ is to prepare the body for eliminating certain toxins through the excretory organs (liver, intestines, kidneys, skin and lungs) by eating a healthy diet to rebalance the body.

        • Raise awareness of the need to change eating habits:

        This treatment raises your awareness of the need to change your eating habits and will thus contribute to slight weight loss thanks to the body cleansing itself of accumulated excess and allowing the digestive organs to rest which, once detoxified, will function more efficiently (for example, calories better burned).

        • A break for you and your body:

        With a dietitian’s advice and the support of a nutritionist, a detoxicologist and a naturopath, you will be able to start a gentle journey towards a healthy and rebalanced diet for renewed health and energy.

        When should you do a « Wellness Detox »?

        The right time is not just about a change of season or after festivities.
        The body responds to the build-up of toxins in several ways:

        • General fatigue – lack of energy
        • Insomnia – migraines
        • Depressive state
        • Stress – distress – anxiety
        • Premature ageing of the skin – brittle and dull hair
          What does the « Wellness Detox » treatment include?

          For overall well-being of body and mind, gentle physical activities (swimming, walking or yoga meditation), plus draining and ayurvedic massages by certified therapists go hand in hand with the «Wellness Detox».

          «Wellness Detox» treatment

          Massage thérapeutique

          « Nutri-Detox Plus » –
          Become self-sufficient in taking action for your own health!

          What is « Nutri-Detox Plus » and its benefits?

          A more in-depth detoxifying and personalized therapeutic approach over 4 days combining nutrition and detoxicology, and including:

          • An in-depth assessment of your food intolerances to identify and avoid the foods that are commonly the cause
          • A rebalancing of the intestinal flora and a strengthening of the immune system
          • Support for changing your vision of food and your eating habits to regain health
            Why do a « Nutri-Detox Plus » treatment?

            Based on the principle that diseases are largely caused by environmental poisoning (heavy metals, pesticides, endocrine disruptors, toxic food, etc.), an extensive toxicological assessment and implementation of a personalized dietary change will help regain control of your health with the support of a dietitian specializing in micronutrition, a nutritionist, a detoxicologist and a naturopath.

            What does the « Nutri-Detox Plus » treatment include?

            For overall well-being, gentle physical activities are proposed every day (swimming, walking or yoga meditation), plus draining and ayurvedic massages by certified therapists that go hand in hand with the « Nutri-Detox Plus » treatment.

            Nutri-Detox Plus » treatment

            Massage thérapeutique

            Water fasting –
            For better health in body and mind!

            What is therapeutic fasting?

            Medical therapeutic fasting, as practiced at Clinique Lémana, is daily fasting with only juices, herbal teas, flavored water and broth consumed.

            This ancestral practice rests the body’s digestion while boosting cells by providing them with all the nutrients necessary for optimal function.

            Practiced in a medical environment in order to improve the overall condition of the patient, water fasting lasts 6 to 9 days in the sumptuous setting of a five-star hotel in the heart of the Lavaux vineyards, on the heights of Vevey between Lausanne and Montreux in Switzerland.

            It is an ideal altitude for pure air and a panoramic view of Lake Geneva and the Alps, ensuring you a peaceful stay in lush greenery.

            Why and what are the benefits of water fasting?

            Water fasting is a great natural way to preserve, regain or improve health. It depends on a number of factors and enables:

            • Deep detoxification and resting of the body
            • Cleansing and purification of the digestive system
            • Prevention of chronic fatigue, high blood pressure, excess weight, allergies, cardiovascular disease, etc.
            • Strengthening of immune defences
            • Autophagy and cell regeneration
            • Stress relief and improved quality of sleep
            • Stabilisation of personal emotional state
            • Anti-inflammatory effect and relief of some kinds of chronic pain
            • Anti-ageing effect with skin rejuvenation and strengthening of hair and nails
            • Sustainable weight loss if fasting is followed by a better lifestyle
            • Body vitality and clearer thinking
              What are the contraindications to fasting?
              • Debilitated, extremely exhausted patients
              • Cachexia
              • Pulmonary tuberculosis
              • Myopathy with severe pseudoparalysis (muscle degeneration)
              • Lean diabetes (type 1 insulin-dependent)
              • Severe weakness with insufficient excretory system function
              • Nephropathy (kidney disease)”
              • Patients on intensive chemical medication
              • Pregnancy
              • Acute hyperthyroidism and undernutrition
                How to prepare for fasting?

                For a successful experience, we recommend preparing well by progressively transitioning to less food intake before the treatment and then gradually increasing food intake after fasting in order to optimize its effects. Water fasting consequently follows a precise four-step protocol that you can download and which will be sent to you upon registration.

                What does water fasting involve?

                Under medical supervision throughout the fasting treatment, you will have medical consultations with the micronutritionist doctor and a daily nutritionist follow-up as well as several holistic treatments, including sound therapy, massages, colon hydrotherapy (if no medical contraindications), gentle activities and more…

                Therapeutic fasting

                Questions and warning

                What are the contraindications and warnings for purging?

                Purging, although strongly recommended the day before a detox or fasting, is not essential to the success of your treatment stay.

                People with low vitality or a weakened digestive system should not purge because they may become unwell.

                Purging is strictly not recommended for:

                • Pregnant women (high risk of miscarriage and risk of inducing childbirth),
                • The elderly,
                • Emaciated people or suffering from low vitality, 
                • People who have recently undergone surgery, 
                • People with significant liver and kidney problems,
                • People undergoing major medical treatment such as chemotherapy.

                Clinique Lémana will guide you if purging is not recommended.

                What are the benefits and contraindications of colon hydrotherapy in our detox and water fasting treatments?

                (by agreement with the Clinic’s chief medical officer only)

                This painless and odorless treatment, also known as colonic irrigation, is a gentle method of deep detoxification of the large intestine and the entire body. Unlike an enema, this intestinal hygiene treatment is supervised by a certified hydro therapist and is performed safely with warm filtered water.

                A cleansed intestine prevents the gradual accumulation of toxins in the body, promotes the healing process and provides a feeling of well-being.

                For thousands of years, this practice has been used to improve the dynamics of the intestines, immune system, energy and psychic system, but it is not without contraindications for people with:

                • Crohn’s disease
                • Acute haemorrhoids
                • Rectal or intestinal tumors
                • Ulcerative colitis or diverticulitis
                • Psychological blockage
                • High blood pressure
                • Recently operated colon cancer
                  What do you need to bring?

                  To help you feel completely comfortable, we recommend that you bring:

                  • A hot water bottle (helps the liver to relax, apply if pain or tension)
                  • Warm clothing in winter, as our clinic is located at an altitude of about 1,000 m
                  • Swimming costume and indoor shoes for the pool
                  • Tracksuits, sportswear and light color-soled shoes for indoor activities
                  • Outdoor shoes and poles for Nordic walking
                  • A hat and sun cream in the summer
                  • Towels, bathrobes and a hair dryer are available in your room

                  Under no circumstances is the information and advice provided a substitute for a consultation or diagnosis by a doctor or health professional, who alone is able to adequately assess your state of health.

                  Bâtiment historique Le Mirador Kempinski

                  Accommodation nestled in the Lavaux region of Switzerland, a UNESCO heritage site

                  Set amidst vineyards and rolling green landscapes, the 5-star hotel Le Mirador Resort & Spa offers an excellent setting and services, as well as the most spectacular panoramic views of Lake Geneva and the Alps.
                  Close to the funicular above Vevey on the heights of Mont-Pèlerin, the hotel offers classic and contemporary rooms and suites with private balconies. The hotel is a charming complex in a unique location where your well-being is the priority. There are relaxation areas to hydrate and rest, a Givenchy spa, gym, swimming pool, sauna and hammam, and more…

                  The hotel usually offers local cuisine at the restaurant ‘Le Patio’ and delicious Japanese specialities at the restaurant ‘Hinata’ whose tables are set on one of the most beautiful terraces in the region.
                  However, detox diet menus and juices are specially prepared and offered to guests of the Health Center Clinique Lémana.



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