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  • Advanced Nutritional Wellness Detox Program

    Detox retreat

    Advanced Nutritional Wellness Detox Program

Sign up for our detox retreat to become a fully autonomous actor of your health!

What are the benefits of our detox retreat?

Detoxification and nutritional counseling

This detoxification cure offers a personalized therapeutic approach over 4 days combining detoxification and nutrition.

It consists of :

  • An in-depth assessment of your food intolerances to identify and avoid the foods that are commonly at the root of these intolerances
  • A rebalancing of the intestinal flora and a strengthening of the immune system
  • Support in changing your perception of food and your eating habits to regain good health

Why do a detoxification retreat?

The basic principle is that many illnesses are caused by environmental poisoning: heavy metals, pesticides, endocrine disruptors, toxic food, etc. This is why a thorough toxicological assessment combined with the implementation of a personalized change in diet helps you regain control of your health. Support from a doctor-micro-nutritionist, a nutritionist and a naturopath, provides a guarantee of gravitas and effectiveness.

What are the benefits of the Advanced Nutritional Wellness Detox Program?

For an overall and profound well-being, every day of the Nutri-Detox Plus Cure will include gentle activities (sound therapy, swimming, walking or yoga meditation) as well as drainage and ayurvedic massages performed by certified therapists.

Under no circumstances should the information and advice provided be considered a substitute for a consultation or diagnosis by a doctor or health professional, the only ones able to adequately assess your state of health.

Toxin testing
Colon cleansing
eating habits

Our additional nutritional treatments

Health Center Clinique Lémana has been involved in anti-ageing for several decades and offers various nutritional and detox cures.
For renewed energy in your body!
For renewed energy in your body!
For improved health of body and mind!

Our associated nutritional care

Reserved exclusively for our clients following a nutritional cure.
For deep detoxification (medical prescription required)

Holistic treatments

Complementary to the nutritional cure, Health Center Clinique Lémana offers its patients a selection of holistic therapies for a global harmonization of body and mind.
A sound massage to restore order and balance to the body
To regain physical and mental harmony
A tonic massage performed with the feet
A gentle energetic massage that procures inner calm
For deep and lasting relaxation


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