• Bio-resonance

Health Center Clinique Lemana offers an energy assessment by Bio-resonance

With bio-resonance, Health Center Clinique Lémana offers you the opportunity to fully rejuvenate your body through a technique that is both ancestral and contemporary, scientifically validated.

The bio-energetic balance and the metatherapy will establish precisely your biological behavioral map, to help you efficiently to determine the appropriate therapeutic solutions to find your natural balance. Metatherapy is indeed “alternative medicine” approved by the health authorities.

How does this method work?

Bio-resonance is the link between ancestral medicine (practiced for millennia by Asian therapists) and the latest discoveries in quantum physics.

This technology makes it possible to measure in an extremely fine and precise manner, organ by organ and system by system, the physiological state of the individual:

  • Full body scan
  • Painless and non-invasive investigation
  • Totally harmless process
  • 3D detection of organs
  • Analysis of energy flows
An effective method 

The metatherapy by bioresonance strengthens your energy balance and acts on many pathologies:

  • The Digestive system
  • The Respiratory system
  • The Uro-genital system
  • The Endocrine system
  • The Sensory system
  • The Musculoskeletal system
  • The Cardiovascular system
  • The Lymphatic system
  • The nervous system and the brain
  • Emotional disorders
Individual selection of drugs and diets

At the end of the session (duration 1h), it will be proposed:

  • A customized homeopathic treatment
  • A list of food products to eat or to ban from your daily diet

The bio-resonance may be associated with any of our other programs


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