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Detox Treatment and Detox Cure: what are the differences?

18 January 2024
Detox treatment and nutri-detox cure Detox treatment and nutri-detox cure

At Health Center Clinique Lémana, detoxification is a part of our approach to anti-aging therapy. As such, it is included in the two types of therapy that we offer at our private clinic in Switzerland.

Detox Treatment to combat excess free radicals

Detox Treatment is designed to offset the excessive production of free radicals and thus prevent oxidative stress.

What are free radicals?

Free radicals are the unstable atoms or molecules involved in premature ageing, particularly in the skin. Resulting from normal metabolic phenomena, they are not harmful in themselves and play a part in many physiological functions. However, when more are produced than the body is able to eliminate, they can have a deleterious effect.

Pollution, stress, over-exposure to the sun, an unbalanced diet and alcohol consumption all contribute to the excessive production of free radicals. Smokers, antioxidant-deficient people and people suffering from obesity have less effective antioxidant defences.

When the redox balance – between the rate of production of free radicals and their rate of elimination – is upset, oxidative stress occurs, which is responsible for the premature ageing of the skin and contributes to numerous diseases.

Restoring the redox balance

Detox Treatment aims to increase the body’s antioxidant defensive abilities. It is therefore a good idea to consider it after any excesses, such as a period of major stress, which can lead to the overproduction of free radicals. The treatment is also particularly recommended for smokers, whose antioxidant defences are considerably impaired by smoking. In both these cases, the treatment makes it possible to restore the redox balance.

The Detox Treatment aims to restore redox balance
The Detox Treatment aims to restore redox balance

Offered in conjunction with the Revitalizing and Anti-aging Treatment, the Detox Treatment is administered through intramuscular injection. A medical check-up, accompanied by blood and urine analysis, enables the treatment to be tailored to your physiological needs. Its composition, entirely of natural origin, is based on homoeopathy, guaranteeing no side effects.

Nutritional and Detox therapies for a return to a healthy diet

More and more studies point to our diet as a contributing factor in the development of many chronic diseases. It is implicated in oxidative stress on cells, the sharp rise in liver disease, diabetes, numerous cancers, cardiovascular diseases and the list goes on. Furthermore, diet is a key element for healthy ageing. As we age, our bodies are less efficient in absorbing nutrients: “without eating more, we must eat better to age better”. 1

This is why the Health Center Clinique Lémana has introduced Nutritional Therapies in its anti-ageing programs.

« We aim less to add years to your life but of adding quality to your years. »

Dr. Med. Alfred Pfister, founder of Clinique Lémana

The aim of the Nutritional Therapies is not only to provide immediate benefits and well-being, but also to initiate a change in eating habits for real long-term benefits.

The detox effect of our Nutritional Therapies

Our Nutritional Therapies work to support the body’s metabolic processes of detoxification and balance. They facilitate the work of the liver, pancreas, intestines and kidneys, and restore the intestinal flora, redox balance and acid–base homoeostasis.

Diet influences all organs of the body
Diet influences all organs of the body

To do this, we use preliminary medical analyses to draw up a tailored nutritional programme ensuring that all your nutritional needs are met, and only those needs. The effectiveness of the treatment depends as much on the quality of the nutrients as on the exclusion of certain foods. In today’s society, we consume far too much white sugar, starchy foods, saturated and trans fats, hydrogenated fats from the processed food industry, and so on.

As a result, the diet offered as part of the therapies is mainly plant-based, and is exclusively liquid in our Supervised Water Fasting program. Combined with regular mealtimes, light exercise, colon hydrotherapy and massages, it helps to rebalance the body as a whole and gives it the rest it needs to detoxify. The digestive organs are less stimulated, the intestinal microbiome is rebalanced and antioxidant defences are strengthened. The benefits are immediate.

But the Nutrition and Detox Therapies are also based on high-quality personalised support, taking into account your lifestyle, your relationship to food and your identity. Which is why Health Center Clinique Lémana’s ambition goes far beyond a one-off detox treatment.

Healthy eating for healthy ageing

The damaging effects of an unbalanced diet set in gradually over time. It can take several years before we become ill due to what we eat. For example, snacking on sweets, by constantly stimulating the pancreas, encourages insulin resistance and pancreatic exhaustion. After a few years, the risk of diabetes is high. The same goes for the liver, where excess sugar is transformed into fat, which accumulates over the years. A diet with too much fat and too much sugar eventually leads to an accumulation of fat that can cause inflammation, fibrosis and even cancer 2. And the list of harm caused by an unhealthy diet is far from exhaustive.

Changing our eating habits is a priority for good health. The Health Center Clinique Lémana is committed to making this easy and straightforward. The medical follow-up and daily meetings with the nutritionist help you to understand the role of diet in your own health problems. This nutritional experience shows that sometimes all it takes is a few small changes to make a big difference. And our patients confirm this every time they visit us: ultimately, adopting a healthy diet requires neither struggle nor suffering.

As Lucie Pilliard, nutritionist in charge of the Nutritional Programs at Clinique Lémana, explains, their aim is to “allow the body to take a break through nutrition, to understand how it works for a week and to be gently supported so that it can embrace the change.”

This ‘break’ for the body, in a caring environment, far from its daily routine and habits, encourages the emergence of a calm and enlightened relationship to food. As such, these therapies are genuine rebirth therapies, enabling you to maintain a good quality of life over time.

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