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    Z100 Anti-Aging Therapy

Unique in Europe…Health Center Clinique Lémana introduces a new anti-ageing process for the body with « Metatron-Z100 »

Academician Vladimir Nesterov discovered this revolutionary method and invented the process. It acts on the metabolism at a cellular level, using acupuncture points located on a very precise area of the anatomy called the « point of longevity ».

Regular stimulation of this « point of longevity » strengthens immunity and efficiency at work, regulates blood pressure and internal organ function.

In combination with « anti-ageing » bio-resonance, Z100 therapy is a form of ‘alternative medicine’ approved by the health authorities in Switzerland.

How does the process work?

« Metatron Z100 » is an absolutely painless and non-invasive technology using acupuncture points via magnetic inductors that will restore cellular balance. Self-regulation and homoeostasis processes are restored through general cell control:

  • Painless and non-invasive investigation
  • Completely harmless process
  • 3D detection
  • Analysis of energy flows
    What are the benefits of « Metatron Z100 »?

    The main advantage of this method is it slows down the ageing process.

    It does not rejuvenate, but thanks to a significant increase in energy levels, the secondary symptoms of ageing are eliminated and lifespan is increased.

    To bolster the anti-ageing treatment, we use meta-therapy on mitochondria, stem cells and adrenal glands (DHEA).

    With regular stimulation of the « point of longevity », Z100 therapy also strengthens your cellular balance and helps to:

    • Improve functioning of the cardiovascular system
    • Regulate the metabolism
    • Improve the healing process of certain pathologies, such as gastritis (acute and chronic), gastric spasms, high blood pressure, headaches, insomnia and other diseases.
    • Activate cognitive processes
    • Improve memory
    • Alleviate stress and irritability
    • Control the pineal gland which is responsible for regulating human biorhythms and the production of melatonin
    • Regulate functioning of the lower body organs, including the kidneys, gastrointestinal tract, adrenal glands and reproductive organs
      What are the contraindications?

      There are very few medical contraindications to using this specific anti-ageing process. Contraindications include:

      • Pregnancy
      • Epilepsy
      • Cancer
      • Pacemaker
      How often should you use Z100 therapy?

      It varies according to the needs of each individual.

      The therapy is conducted in two (2) sessions in the presence of Clinique Lémana’s chief medical officer and naturopath:

      • First session on Mondays: Z100 therapy combined with anti-ageing bioresonance (90 minutes).
      • Second session on Wednesdays: Z100 therapy alone (45 minutes)

      At the end of the second session, the chief medical officer will make recommendations for further sessions if necessary, draw up a treatment plan and provide an analysis report.

      Z100 anti-ageing therapy can be combined with all our other programs.


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