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  • Face lifting massage

    Kobido massage

Kobido, the all-natural face-lifting massage

“Kobido” means “ancient way of beauty”. This facial massage is a non-invasive alternative to Botox™ injections.

An ancestral Japanese art, Kobido is recognized as the most effective facial massage for fighting the signs of time. It is particularly recommended for tired faces as well as for mature skin.

A complex technique requiring extensive training

Extremely complex, this face massage is based on more than a thousand techniques, themselves divided into
48 categories. During the massage, the fingers, wrists, forearms and shoulders are used. Smoothing, kneading, percussion, vibration: the gestures are synchronized and follow each other with precision. Speed and intensity vary according to the volume and texture of the skin. Thus, Kobido allows for a genuine face-lift.

This facial massage seeks to restore a vital energy balance that stimulates skin microcirculation and lymphatic flow, in order to nourish the cells and drain metabolic waste.

The anti-aging effects of Kobido massage

The results are immediately visible: it tones the face and gives it that plumped-up effect, it shapes the oval and the contour, and brightens the complexion.

This anti-ageing facial massage also acts on the skin tissues, which it firms, and on the muscles, which it relaxes to smooth out expression lines.

Very pleasant, it also brings relaxation and relief by improving lymphatic circulation. It could also be defined as an acupuncture session but without needles.

More information about Kobido massage

  • Ancestral facial massage
  • Lifting massage that smoothes wrinkles, tones the face and brightens the complexion
  • Use of natural ingredients carefully selected by our certified practitioner
  • Duration of massage: 60 minutes
  • Frequency of massage: once a week for 4 weeks, then maintenance with 1 session per month
Under no circumstances can the information and advice offered be a substitute for a consultation or a diagnosis made by a doctor or a health professional, who are the only ones able to adequately assess your state of health.
Kobido, the all-natural face-lifting massage
Kobido, the Japanese facial massage

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