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  • Cosmetic acupuncture

    Cosmetic acupuncture

Cosmetic acupuncture is the natural antiwrinkle solution

Cosmetic acupuncture offers a natural solution against aging aging (wrinkle and lines on the skin). It stimulates the tissues of the face in order to fight against the slackening and degradation of the skin.

It works by stimulating the skin. The introduction of the needle under the epidermis causes an inflammatory effect leading to the production of collagen. The decrease in collagen production is one of the causes of the signs of aging.

The action of these sessions is preventive for people whose wrinkles and lines are not very apparent and curative for others whose wrinkles are already visible.

This technique of cosmetic acupuncture gives better and faster results than many aesthetic creams. It is an interesting alternative to Botox™ injections. Nevertheless, it does not replace a more invasive surgical procedure.

Is cosmetic acupuncture painful?

Although the face is particularly sensitive, the pain associated with the needles is negligible. In addition, you will be in the experienced hands of our Chief Medical Officer, who is particularly attentive to your comfort and wellness.

Nevertheless, the pain sensation will depend on the texture of the skin treated as well as on the individual sensitivity of each patient. Also, an anesthetic cream will be offered to the most sensitive.

What are the visible effects of cosmetic acupuncture?

In the hours or days following the session, you will observe (regardless of your age):

  •  A toning up of all the skin muscles of the face;
  • A reduction in wrinkles;
  • An improvement in skin tone and texture;
  • An undeniable “healthy glow” tightening effect.

In the medium and long term, you will notice a lasting effect on the maintenance of good skin tone and elasticity, and a slowing down of the skin slackening process.

More information about cosmetic acupuncture:

  • A gentle technique derived from traditional Chinese medicine;
  • Single use of needles by the experienced hands of the Chief Medical Officer;
  • Duration of the session: 45 minutes;
  • Frequency of sessions: for a lasting effect, at least 3 to 4 times at 2-3 month intervals.
Traditional Acupuncture
Cosmetic facial acupuncture
Facial acupuncture

Add these therapies to your anti-aging treatment

In addition to the Bioresonance energy assessment, our clients following a Revitalization and Anti-Aging Treatment can benefit from a whole range of innovative anti-aging treatments and rejuvenation, at the forefront of the latest medical and technological discoveries.

Promotes health, beauty, and well-being

Help your body find its natural balance

Restore cellular harmony in Europe’s only Metatron center

Harness the healing benefits of this proven therapy


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